110% Surfing Techniques # 3

Format: DVD
Region: Free (All)
Total Running Time: 140 mins (69 mins regular, 69 mins goofy, 2 mins credits)

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110% Surfing Techniques Volume 3 will improve your overall surfing performance, from catching more waves through to completing air 360's. The content includes tips and advice for all levels of surfing. Included in the DVD are sections on how to surf faster, catch more waves and how to surf better in small waves. There are 4 sections on airs, covering; types of airs, frontside airs, air reverses, air 360's and alley oops. This DVD coaching tool has regular and goofy versions. There are 16 sections in total, with 69 minutes of content. Other sections include reverse 360's, off the lips, and how to improve your stance, style, turns and body dynamics.

16 Sections: Surf Better in Small Waves   Catch More Waves Part 1 and 2   Surf Faster Part 1 and 2   Make Your Turns Look Better   Improve Style & Technique   Surf More Dynamically   Stance Versatility   Create More Spray   Next Level Off the Lip   Reverse 360   Types of Airs   Frontside Air   Air Reverse and Air 360   Alley Oop

110% Surfing Techniques Volume 3 is aimed at the advanced level surfer, but has great tips for all levels including intermediate and elite level.

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Produto: 110% Surfing Techniques # 3
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