Bio # 3

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Bodyboarding Inside and Out Volume 3. 
The Ultimate Bodyboarding Instructional DVD.
Produced/Directed by Tim Bonython.

Cut with heaps of BB action shot world wide over the last two years. Jeff Hubbard & Steve 'Bullet' Mackenzie the hosts take you on everything that’s got anything to do with Bodyboarding. From the very basic's to the most advanced moves. The action alone is enough to get you fully amped.

Guest contributors include Spencer Skipper, Toby Player, Andrew Lester, Beau Day, Mitch Rawlins, Jason Hazel, Graham Miller, Manny Vargus, Ben Player, Tyson Williams, Matt Lackey, Joe Jordonoff, Jay Reale, Ryan Hardy and Alistair Taylor.


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Produto: Bio # 3
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