Blazing Boards

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Chris Bystroms classic surfing video film Blazing Boards is now available on DVD.
Get the classic 80’s surf flick that Surfing Magazine called “Too savage for words”! The original classic cinema surf flick, featuring Hawaii, Australia, California, Mexico and Exotic Isles.
Blazing Boards captures the very essence of what riding waves is all about. If you love the ocean then be sure and check out the best surf film of the 1980’s.
Starring: Gary ‘Kong’ Elkerton, Shaun Tomson, Martin Potter, Derek Hynd, Cheyne Horan, Tom Carroll, Marvin Foster, Daniel ‘Mr. Boogie’ Kaimi, Mark Richards, Tommy Curren, Glen Winton, Mark Occhilupo, Ronnie Burns, Kong Elkerton, Simon Law, Tom Curren, Stuart Cadden, and introducing Jason Buttonshaw and the world’s greatest wind surfers!
Soundtrack Music Performed by: INXS, Men Without Hats, The Raybcats and Tony Creed.

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Informação Adicional
Audio Inglês
Duração 95 min
Legendas Português
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Produto: Blazing Boards
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