Boogie Nation

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This is the time! For amateur Hawaiian bodyboarding...the future really does start now.

For too long has underground talent gone grossly un-noticed.

We want to change that and bring Hawaiians the exposure they deserve.

Boogie Nation has just emerged as the leading force behind building a better future for Hawaii’s amateur riders.

Boogie Nation is not only a non-profit organization, but also a brand new DVD even!

This is set to be an instant classic with a nearly entire Hawaiian line-up (Stewart, Hubb, Skipp, Bud Miyamoto, Pyper Llewelen, Dub, including Mike Murphy) and of course including tons of Hawaii’s best amateurs.

Besides the incredible local support, this DVD boasts of incredible destinations, like Tahiti and Mexico, and even some brand new ones, like Iceland.


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Produto: Boogie Nation
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