Chasing Dora

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The production, which revolves around a challenge proposed in the past by rebel myth Miki Dora, in an article published in 'The Surfers Journal' called 'The Aquatic Ape', brings together surfers Robert 'Wingnut' Weaver, Marc Andreini and Mickey Muñoz, and causes a deep reflection behind the roots of the sensations of the sport, that set out towards South Africa in search of the surf in the old fashion, with planks of wood, without leashes, without wetsuits, without marks and without the participation of the industry.
The end result of this story contributes to an epic surf session at Jeffrey's Bay, attended by champions Kelly Slater, Andy Irons and Shaun Tomson.
The story told by filmmakers, TJ Barrack and Wes Brown (grandson of legendary Bruce Brown, author of The Endless Summer, and son of Dana Brown, director of the adrenaline Step into Liquid).

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Informação Adicional
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Duração 95 min
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Produto: Chasing Dora
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