Glass Love

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‘Glass Love’ is a beautiful masterpiece surfing video film which shows all those who see it to see why surfing is the greatest sport of them all.
Featured in ‘Glass Love’ are some of the most important surfers of the last 30 years including TOM and PAT CURREN, WAYNE LYNCH, MP, RABBIT, SKIP FRYE, OSCAR WRIGHT and DEREK HYND. ANDREW KIDMAN is an artist, musician and filmmaker.
He embodies a time when surfing was all about getting back to nature and enjoying the ocean in a more spiritual sense rather than the hi-octane, corporate-sponsored world surfing has become.
Surfing in itself is a beautiful form; taking place in diverse locations with complex characters; Andrew had ideas I wanted to articulate through motion and sound incorporating this.
The process has been a lengthy one because to capture and present it with the meaning and feelings which surfers experience takes time. Also, the ideas Andrew had changed with every wave that passed and with every person that he met and know's.
In the film Andrew wanted to feature the generational link and love of surfing that gets passed down through families, in particular through the Curren and Purchase families.
The sons are surfers and their fathers are surfer/shapers. Andrew says it was nice to peek in on a small part of their relationships and how surfing makes them special.
This, and the continued experimentation with board design were the highlights for Andrew in making this film. Overall in the making there were many stories, some made the cut - some did not. But rather than dissect them all here in words, Andrew leaves it to you to see the film.

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