Going With The Flow

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Join Mike Trzinski, the average joe surfer, who works a regular job, has a family and enjoys surfing to help him attain the much needed focus required to live a happy, balanced, and successful life.
Mike travels to Southern California, the roots of the modern surfing culture.
During his trip he wants to emerse himself in the area to more fully understand what it means to be a surfer in the United States.
Upon his arrival his friend, Chad Dawson, introduces him to two of the best classic style longboarders, Kevin Connelly and Jesse Timm. Kevin and Jesse share their love and knowledge of surfing with him through stylish, longboarding, surf spots, and enjoy some stories with Surfing Legends Linda Benson, Lance Carson, LJ Richards, Henry Ford, Hank Warner, son of Dewey Weber, Cory and friends met along the way.
Don't expect anything spectacular with this surfing video DVD.

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Informação Adicional
Audio Inglês
Duração 95 min
Legendas Português
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Produto: Going With The Flow
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