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Hang is a verb. It's a noun.
It's a transitive state of being. It's an attitude a suspension of gravity and disbelief.
In surfing, 'hanging' means putting ten toes over the nose in the supreme act of finely honed edgework, the Hang Ten.
To hang ten means to hang your hide out in full screaming trim down-the-line commitment with no leash and no net. It's a tightrope jig over the abyss dancing stylishly on the edge of disaster.
"Hang" is also an investigation into the Manifest Destiny of the Longboard Cult.
Featuring the elite of modern day longboarding, "Hang" is a two-year, round-the-globe expedition that pays homage to six modern meccas of state-of-the-art longboarding.

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Informação Adicional
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