Melali - The Drifter Sessions

Format: DVD / Region: Free (All)
Time: 60 min.

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Melali DVD... The Drifter is Taylor Steele’s new surfing DVD project showing Rob Machado’s Indo adventures, it generated a great amount of surfing film in perfect waves, like only Indo can deliver.
These surf sessions featuring Rob Machado and other top surfers, have been gathered in Melali, a Surf movie that is between a making of and a complement to The Drifter.
Set to the original score written by Jon Swift, Todd Hannigan, Fernando Apodaca, and Machado (The Melali Sessions Band), the music complements the imagery of the synergy born from long-standing camaraderie.
“When we premiered The Drifter across the country, the best part of the night was the live improvisation with the band to the surf bonus footage,” Machado says. “That inspired us to make another movie with the unreleased surf footage and record some music as the score.”

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Informação Adicional
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Produto: Melali - The Drifter Sessions
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