No Friends # 7 : Multiple Choice

Format: DVD
Region: Free (All)
Run Time- 50 minutes

Disponível: Em estoque


This highly anticipated movie feature produced by No Friends Media is it's seventh major release.

The riders have raised the level again featuring amazing spots from secret African locations, California, Hawaii, Tahiti, Australia, and Indonesia. Spencer Skippers best section to date is documented here with a song by Led Zepplin to accompany the masterpiece.

Ben Player displays how to fly like a canary through reefs you would be nervous just looking at on the Canary Islands. Stoker reintroduces his beloved "Eat It" section with some poundings worth there wight in gold. To top the puzzle of is Roach and Lackey just embarrasing the spit outta of waves, with snaps and taps that will turn any prone rider DK for life. Satisfaction and excitement will run through your veins the second you place this quality production in to your DVD player.

Multiple Choice is more than a test in school it's the next level in bodyboarding video production. The extras alone are worth the buy. Enjoy it!! 
Run Time- 50 minutes. DVD Extras- Oz Tour, Hawaii, Hubbard, California and more!!

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Produto: No Friends # 7 : Multiple Choice
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