No Friends # 8 : Road House

Format: DVD
Region: Free (All)

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No Friends 8th Release titled - Roadhouse is ready for you now!!! The world is at the push of a button when you slide this DVD into your player.

You can watch for yourself some of the heaviest waves cought on video tape ever when you see Jeff Hubbard blast off of waves that most wave riders would run from!! Hang with Mitch Rawlins in the Australian Desert and see where the worlds best surf to be the best!

The 04/05 Hawaiian season opens its jaws and eats up most people but watch the few that get spit out in a fury of Bodyboard action. Don't be caught dead with out the RoadHouse DVD! It's going to scare many people out of the water. Don't let yourself be one of them.


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Produto: No Friends # 8 : Road House
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