Ocean Energy

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The Kech-O-Dile Hunter (Matt Kechele) slings Boa's, grabs Crocs and scores insane waves in Costa Rica with his Quiksilver bro's.
Featured in the December 2000 issue of SURFER and Winner of the SURFER MAGAZINE Video Award category for "Most Humorous" segment with the Boa slinging incident as seen on Real TV.
The North Shore fires with highlights of SLATER's magic acts at PIPE and a look at the North Shore thru the eye's of SHEA LOPEZ.
The Caribbean goes off when the cold fronts go off the EAST COAST.
See beautiful crystal blue perfection with Baron Knowlton, Noah Snyder, David Speir and others capturing the bounty.
Dean Randazzo and Todd Morcom go head to head in the finals of the INDEPENDENCE DAY PRO at SOUP BOWL in BARBADOS where local Mark Holder is the boss.
We check in with the local Puerto Ricans during the winter time sessions.
SLATER returns home to FLORIDA after the North Shore circus and rips apart 2nd light in Cocoa Beach and First Peak at Sebastian Inlet. He even scores a hole-in-one.

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Informação Adicional
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Duração 95 min
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Produto: Ocean Energy
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