Pororoca, Surfing the Amazon

Format: DVD / Region: Free (All)
Subtitles: Portugues / Time: 60 min

Disponível: Em estoque


If you consider yourself a surfer or like anything about surfing, then you'll love this movie.
It's only a half-hour long, but I think that makes it the very definition of "short and sweet." Even the nature aspect of this movie, the "pororoca," is interesting. I saw this on the direct TV channel "fuel TV" one random night this week and was blown away, but also pleased that somehow I was lucky enough to catch it.
The camera work is excellent to, a lot of sweeping views and basically typical surfing angles and shots, except for the fact it's in the amazon.
The guys in this tear it up too, which always makes something like this more enjoyable to watch. one problem though: I have no idea where you'd be able to buy/rent/view this movie as I saw it on TV, but I'm sure it's somewhere online.
Otherwise it's a must see. Ross Clarke-Jones, Picuruta Salazar, Carlos Burle e Eraldo Gueiros


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Informação Adicional
Audio Inglês
Duração 95 min
Legendas Português
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Produto: Pororoca, Surfing the Amazon
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