Saltwater Green

Format: DVD
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Saltwater Green by Jeremy Briggs is a fast-paced, high action longboard surfing DVD movie. 
Watch current Longboard World Champion Taylor Jensen ride both single fin logs and high performance tri-fins. 3X World Champion Colin McPhillips is shot riding a 60's log in perfect clean California conditions at Trestles. 

Australian longboard and former World Champion, Josh Constable is found riding the perfect points of Noosa, Australia on a log and shot surfing beach breaks of California on his high performance tri-fin. 

Join loggers Noah Shimabukuro, Brendan White, and Tommy Witt and they hang ten in their classic and polished styles. 
Watch Greg Briggs and Steven Newton show off their hybrid style of surfing in fun California points and beach breaks. 
If you longboard, this movie is for you!


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Produto: Saltwater Green
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