Scratching The Surface

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Scratching the Surface, a self-funded project, took many different directions during its two and a half years of production.
The concept of this surfing video dvd movie hinges on Seth's ability to ride a longboard alongside other surfers, without a leash, oftentimes standing backwards on his board and performing difficult maneuvers while filming.
This allows him to capture other surfers at a unique and up-close angle that puts the viewer right into the action.
Seth's friendship with renowned local Santa Barbara surfboard shapers Renny and Lauran Yater, and Wayne Rich provided opportunities to document their surf and lifestyle philosophies, catch them at work in ther shaping bays, and showcase thier surfing ability.
Other featured surfers include Tom Curren, CJ Nelson, Oliver Parker, Daniel Graham and Kassia Meador surfing breaks in Santa Barbara County, Australia, and South America.
The unique underwater images and rare interview footage from shapers and surfers make Scratching the Surface a landmark contemporary longboard documentary.

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Informação Adicional
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Produto: Scratching The Surface
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