Sessions II : Slab Hunters

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Over the last ten years, surfers with a passion to surf big, evil slabbing waves have been looking long and hard to find the perfect slab.

Sessions 2: Slab Hunters takes us on a journey to witness the most amazing surfing that Australia has to offer.

Australia has a massive coastline that is exposed to some huge ocean swells - hence with the aid of jet skis these SLAB HUNTERS have been able to conquer waves that in the past were considered unsurfable.

Big wave surfing is well & truly alive in Australia with spots like Shipsterns Bluff & The Right in WA getting more notice via the general media than some WCT competitions. Sessions 2 exposes us to some of Australia's most fearless surfers taking on what we mortals would think of as pure craziness. Sessions 2 shows what's really going on here in Australia and overseas in the realm of what is considered rideable waves.

Includes:The Right: Mission West, Ours: Cape Solander, Teahupo, South Oz + Intense Wave Invitational, North West Oz, Supertubes, Shipsterns.

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Produto: Sessions II : Slab Hunters
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