Siestas & Olas

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Follow four world-class surfers as they live the lifestyle most of us only dream about--camping on remote beaches, living free from esponsibilities, free from commitments, and free from deadlines. For three months these adventurers drive their ustomized Chevy Suburban the entire length of the Mexican Coastline from the dusty Baja Peninsula to the tropical mainland's lush resort town of Puerto Escondido. Between the exhilaration of riding pristine waves, these beachcombers travel in and out of villages discovering Mexico's cultural warmth and geographical beauty. Siestas & Olas, Spanish meaning naps and waves, perfectly captures the essence of the true travel experience through its complimentary use of rich visual imagery, traditional Mexican music, and insight into local cultures. Visit traditional town squares filled with amiable old gentlemen, and savor hand pressed tortillas grilled under the shade of palm lined restaurants on the beach. Taste freshly caught lobsters cooked to perfection over wood burning adobe stoves, and take a real life jungle boat ride where crocodiles are within arm's reach.

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Informação Adicional
Audio Inglês
Duração 95 min
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Produto: Siestas & Olas
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