Stand Up Paddle Surfing Hawaiian Style

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Premiere Productions and C-4 Waterman, the leaders in the Stand Up Paddle Surfing market, have teamed up to bring you the most comprehensive Stand Up Paddle Surfing video dvd, “Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Hawaiian Style, Volume 1: Basics to Intermediate”.

Strap in as some of the world’s top watermen take you step-by-step from first time basics to riding your first waves, secret techniques, Pro Tips and tons of insane action in-between. Filmed in Hawaii with C-4’s legendary watermen, including Brian Keaulana, Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Hawaiian style is the definitive How-To video for this emerging sport. If you haven’t tried it yet, watch this video and you’ll catch the stoke. If you’re already in the know, watch it to refine your technique and learn from the masters! Bonus Chapters include additional action, contests and lots more!


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Produto: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Hawaiian Style
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