Stand Up Paddle Surfing Hawaiian Style #2

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The Ultimate HOW-TO Stand Up Paddle surfing video series. Premier Productions, producers of the Xtreme Life TV Show and Award Winning "HOW- TO" videos (RAVE, SPEED IQ, BOOST) join forces with C4 Waterman world leaders in Paddle Surfing, to present volume 2 in the Ultimate S.U.P Series.

Strap in for over 60 minutes of insane paddle surfing as Hawaii's top watermen take you step-by-step from riding small waves to advanced riding maneuvers.

Chapters Include: Action Intro - SUP Overview - Catching 1st Waves - Pro Tip- Using paddle for riding - Respect/ Rules/ Right Of way - Getting Over Waves - Frontside Bottom turn - Backside - Bottom turns - Paddle Tricks - Racing Tech - Frontside Top Turn - Backside Top turns - Wipeouts & Recovery - Wipeouts - Cut Backs - Backhand Riding - Cross stepping - Travel- Tahiti - Nose Riding - Tube Riding - Big Wave Riding - Free Riding - Plus Pro Tips, tons of action in-between.

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Informação Adicional
Audio Inglês
Duração 60 minutos
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Produto: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Hawaiian Style #2
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