Stand Up Paddle Surfing Instructional

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The first of its kind, a Standup Paddleboard surfing Instructional DVD from five-time TELLY Award-winning producer, REAL Video Productions!

Five-time TELLY Award winner, REAL Video Productions, is proud to announce the newest addition to its world famous line of instructional DVDs …Standup Paddleboarding. This DVD will take viewers from their first sessions on the water through basic wave riding.

The sport of Standup Paddleboarding is exploding worldwide! Men and women of all ages, from all backgrounds, living on or near every conceivable body of water are drawn to the sport for its ease of access, simple equipment, excellent core exercise potential and endless learning curve. From paddling the flat water of lakes and rivers to surfing the beach breaks and point breaks of the world, Standup Paddleboarding is a sport that almost anyone can enjoy.

The REAL Standup Paddleboarding Instructional DVD will set a standard within this emerging sport. Topics covered in the DVD include:

Board Types, Board Constructions, Fin Choices, Paddles, Deckpads, Wax, Leashes, Wetsuits, Booties, Sun Protection.

Proper Wax Choice and Application, Installing your Standup Deckpad, Installing Leash and Fin, Choosing your Paddle, Paddle Sizing.

Standing Up, Proper Stance, Holding Paddle, Paddling Technique, Using Paddle to Balance, How to Fall.

Flatwater Session, Basics Review, Finding the Sweet Spot, Advanced Paddling Techniques, Turning Techniques.

Flatwater Review, Paddling over Whitewater, Waiting for Waves, Catching Waves, Riding Waves, Exiting Waves, Falling in the Surf.

Standup Etiquette, Jimmy Lewis Surf and Standup Paddleboards, REAL BVI Slideshows, Cape Hatteras Bonus Footage.

"The REAL Standup DVD was a blast to make and already is getting rave reviews from the viewers. We used the same style of teaching that we developed for our kiteboarding programs, so each lesson is easy to understand and gets you out on the water having fun no matter what your level. This is a sport for everyone, everyday, everywhere. My 6 year old daughter Annabel does it and so do my 65 year old parents. We are stoked to be able to bring it to watersports enthusiasts around the world in the REAL Standup Paddleboard DVD !"


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Produto: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Instructional
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