Step Into Liquid

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With STEP INTO LIQUID, Dana Brown emerges from his legendary father\'s shadow and adds another classic film to the surf documentary canon. Journeying all across to the world to show just how universally praised a sport--and lifestyle--surfing is, Brown uses his natural enthusiasm and humor to great effect, narrating the film with an infectious, breezy optimism.

He presents a wide range of surfers, from superstars (Kelly Slater, Laird Hamilton, Keala Kennelly) to amateurs, including an old man who hasn\'t missed a day of surfing in over 25 years.

The locations include such unknown surf spots as Wisconsin, Texas, and even Ireland, to the more widely regarded waters of Hawaii, California, and Australia. Brown wisely saves the best for last, as a group of incredibly bold surfers journey out to sea to test out their skills on 60-foot-plus waves. But what makes STEP INTO LIQUID such a vital experience is its overall positive energy.

This is a film that doesn\'t just celebrate surfing; it celebrates life.


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Produto: Step Into Liquid
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