Surf Stronger #2 - Core Training

Format: DVD / Region: Free (All)
time: 90 min.

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"Core training is key to my fitness and my surfing." —Serena Brooke, Pro Surfer
From the leaders in surf-specific training comes Surf Stronger—Core Training with Serena Brooke. Scott Adams, CSCS and veteran pro surfer Serena Brooke teamed up to design this challenging and inspiring instructional exercise surfing video.
The workout takes you step-by-step through a training program that targets the area surfers need to work on the most: the core.
Pre-surf warm up routine. Focuses on building dynamic flexibility with surf-specific movements.
Perfect before you work out and before you surf. (7 minutes.) Main core workout.
Functional movements for the core that look and feel like surfing.
You will build stability, strength, and endurance in your core. (28 minutes.) Quick core workout.
A fast-paced, time-efficient workout that you can do anywhere. (10 minutes.)
Plus DVD extras
Original Music by The Surf Stronger House Band (Featuring Steve Adams, Tim Bluhm, Jackie Greene, Dan Lebowitz, and Adam Topol). Also featuring music by ALO, Culver City Dub Collective, The Court &Spark, The Mother Hips, and Vinyl.
Equipment: The workout uses a stability ball and yoga mat.

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Informação Adicional
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Produto: Surf Stronger #2 - Core Training
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