The Billabong Challenge (5 DVDs)

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THE BILLABONG CHALLENGE #1 MYSTERY LEFT (1995): Most professional surfing contests hold their final at a charity beach on a Sunday afternoon regardless of wave quality. The Billabong Challenge, a bold new direction in competition surfing, enticed 8 hot surfers from around t globe to battle a dangerous shark infested reef, at a secret location on the remote desert coast of Outback Australia. Held over a 14 day period, enduring harsh elements, till time and tide set perfect conditions for the ultimate challenge.

THE BILLABONG CHALLENGE #2 PERFECT RIGHT J-BAY (1995): The second Billabong Challenge continued the pursuit of great surfing waves. Held in massive surf on the last day of the 10 day waiting period for the world's most perfect right, Jeffery's Bay South Africa. Top international surfer battled the rising swell for US $50, 000. A challenge against each other, the awesome forces of the sea and their own personal stamina. Featuring the surfing of Kelly Slater, Mark Occhilupo, Warren Dean, Brenden Margieson, Johnny Boy Gomes and Shane Powell.

PSYCHEDELIC DESERT GROOVE (1996): A balance of wind, tide and consistent deep ocean swells are the factors that control the destiny of the Billabong Super Challenge. Occy discovers that the challenge begins with the first step. 8 of the world's best surfers discover big clean gnarly barrels in the contest that will not compromise. Starring Mark Occhilupo, Luke Egan, Ross Williams, Kalani Robb, Martin Potter, Rob Machado, Paul Paterson, and Shane Dorian. Music featuring Submarine, Yothu Yindi, Tumbleweed, Storytime, and The Celebrate Rifles.

9 LIVES (1999): The last of the Billabong Challenge series, Challenge four, in Indo, and Challenge five, in Australia. Indo did not deliver the surf necessary to complete one round so it was cancelled until the following year. Starring Rob Machado, Kalani Robb, Luke Egan, Shane Dorian, Tom Curren, Sunny Garcia, Mark Occhilupo, Taylor Knox, Pancho Sullivan, with appearances by Margo and Kelly Slater. Winner of "Surfer Magazine Video of the Year Award" 2000 Best Cinematography Award.

ALLEY OOP (1997): As modern surfing leaps into the future, a new breed of Hot young surfers merge the energetic moves of snow & skateboarding with the traditions of rhythm and flow as they feverishly attack any wave in any condition. Billabong staked US$50,000 Challenging eight of the world's best juniors in a revealing expose of the next generation. Starring Taj Burrow, Chris Ward, Andy Irons, Michael Lowe, Shaun Holmes, Ono, Yuri, and Tim Curren.

WIDE OPEN (1998): The winners of Seven international Billabong regional events were invited to compete in the 1998 Billabong Junior Challenge. Contested over 3 rounds with accumulative point scores, the extreme energy and intense rivalry, set the stage for top Aussie Juniors to do battle with major hot talent for Hawaii and the USA. Taj, Andy, Trent Munroe, CJ Hopgood.

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