The Cosmic Children

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Time: 81 min.

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The Cosmic Children are the dynamic, space age surfers of the 1960's who 'feel the juice' of the oceans swell's.
They are 50 of the most well known surfers from around the world, like Mickey Dora, David Nuuhiwa, J. Riddle, Johnny Fain, Jeff Hackman Barry Kanaiaupuni, Mike Doyle, Corky Carrol, Owl, Rolf Arness, Billy Hamilton and hot locals and new names.
Filmed in California, at the Ranch the North Shore, and Honolulu Bay.
Surfer Magazine says `'Excellent shots . . . remarkable footage of Jeff Hakman, Barry Kanaiaupuni . . . powerful . . . it righteously stokes." .

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Informação Adicional
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Produto: The Cosmic Children
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