The Road

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4 riders, 28 000 kilometres, 2 four wheels drives, 1 boat, 1 ski, 101 stitches, 1 faith!

Follow four of Australia's most prominent young riders around OZ as they compile what is potentially the most mind-blowing DVD in surfing history.

Join Brenden Newton, Glen Thurston, Harry Dixon, and Michael Novy as they explore some of Australia's most remote and harsh coastline, and discovering some of the heaviest waves in the world!

The film also features Brandon Foster, Chris James, Ryan Mattick and Adam "Crashy" Benwell.

This is an interactive bodyboarding project, which has had explosive media coverage over the past 4 months. Riptide Magazine has run 40 pages on THE ROAD, including the mind blowing cover shot of Riptide issue 153, as well as frame grabs in Movement Magazine, making this one of the most publicised bodyboarding films ever.

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Produto: The Road
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