The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica

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This travel guide surfing video dvd is a companion to the best-selling book of the same name, written by Mike Parise.
We teamed up with Mike to make the perfect compliment to his already popular book.
The video will give you a inside look into Costa Rica and everything you will need to know before heading down.
The ultimate guide to Costa Rica. The original book has been adapted into a full-length DVD so you can see everything for yourself before you go.
Everything from your first steps off the plane to the departure tax is covered. You get unbiased reviews on rental cars, flights, buses, ferries, where to sleep, and where to eat.
You also get detailed maps and directions so you can get to the surf as quickly as possible.
Over 25 major breaks from Witch’s to Pavones are included (plus a few not-so-well-known spots).
This guide was made for surfers by surfers. You’re not going to see highlight reels of pros riding the best swells of the year - we wanted to show what Costa Rica is really like.
We covered every type of wave for every level of ability, then added an interactive menu so you can select the breaks you want to focus on.
If you’re going to Costa Rica, this is the most comprehensive and convenient resource you’ll find.

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