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Waterlogged "By 1962, I'd spent five years full-time making surf films, one per year. I'd shoot during the fall and winter, edit during the spring and show the complete film during the summer.
There was never enough time. I felt if I could take two years to make a film maybe I could make something "special." Something special, however, would cost more money to produce than my other films had grossed.
To allow myself the extra time and money, we took the best 90 minutes from my four previous films and made WATERLOGGED.
That gave us the freedom to make our special film.
The result was called "The Endless Summer." It did ok. Sometimes when sitting out in the lineup, somebody will paddle up to me and vividly recall parts from my old movies. Phil Edwards surfing his flowered trunks; Pat Curren Byron Kough and Peter Cole riding Waimea; Jose Angel doing a barrel roll without his board at Sunset; Del Cannon diving off Waimea Falls.
A lot of the things they remeber, I don't. "Are you sure that was in one of my films?" "Yeaah! Hey I saw WATERLOGGED seven times!" It's neat these people have fond memories from my old films. It gives me a lot of pleasure and makes me grateful to be a part of our sport." Bruce Brown

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