Back to Front

Format: DVD / Region: Free (All)
Time: 45 min.

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Back To The Front by Pat Stublen and Brian Townsend exclusively shows professional surfers like Ben Bourgeois, Asher Nolan, The Hobgoods, Dean Morrison, Aaron Cormican, Gabe Kling, Jesse Hines, Matt Gilligan, Sam Hammer, Noah Snyder, Matt Beacham, and many more surfing in Australia, Hawaii, Indonesia, Costa Rica, South Africa, East Coast and California in truly epic conditions that will make you want to jump off your couch and hit the water.
No other film succeeds so well in showing what the East Coast has to offer at home and abroad.
You want to see the best of the young crew? Follow Benny B. and Peter Mendia on their global exploits.
You want hard-charging legends? Check out Baron Knowlton's bravado as he battles giant Puerto Escondido.
You want stunt pilots? Watch Matt Gilligan and Jeff Myers team up on Ozzie Wright.
But the big star of the whole picture is the East Coast surf itself, as some of the most sickening sections are actually homebrewed, including the Isabel swell at an undisclosed sandbar thatmuch like this videois yet to be topped.

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