Children of the Sun

Format: DVD / Region: Free (All)
Production: 1968

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Children of the Sun This movie will stir memories of the happiest days in any surfers life...those uncomplicated hot sunny crowds..never to be forgotten fun filled days.
Filmed in 16mm, circa 1965-67, around the virgin coastline of New Zealand and the classic points of Northern Queensland, Australia. Features six-time NZ champion Wayne Parks.
Wayne`s artistic flowing style of surfing is influenced by Australian legends Russell Hughes, Bob McTavish and the incomparable Californian surfer George Greenough. "The best longboard movie, bar none, from Australia.
" One of the best longboard movies, bar none, from Australia."
"A Visual Masterpiece" not since Endless Summer has a surf film projected such dazzeling crisp and beautifuly exicuted images of the longboard life style.

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Informação Adicional
Audio Inglês
Duração 95 min
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Produto: Children of the Sun
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