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A film by Tim Bonython Downloading the Sickest Images From Four Amazing Events The 2000 Pipe Masters It's been called the greatest Pipe Masters of all time, and with good reason.


A balls to the wall shootout in perfect 10 to 12-foot airbrushed Pipeline.Hang onto your lunch as Machado, Lowey, Slater, Andy and Bruce do battle with the beast.


The Eddie 24 of the world's most fearless big wave riders tackle 20-foot Waimea. The object? Catch the biggest thing that moves... and survive to tell the tale.

Watch as Ross Clarke-Jones drops into victory over a field including Slater, Flea, Horan, Peter Mel, Antman, T-Ray and Dorian.

The 2001 Quiksilver Pro The inaugural Quiky Pro on the Gold Coast scored big time as the boys battled it out in smoking Kirra and Burleigh.

Rub your eyes in disbelief as Taj, Parko, Mick Fanning and crew take to the skies (and the pits) of the Gold Coast. The 2001 Mr Pro All the WQS crew going crazy, busting down 4 to 8-foot walls at Newcastle Beach. Bonus Segment The best Kirra free-surfing super sessions.

Check Slater, Deano, Koby and crew pulling into classic pit - locals were calling it, "The best Kirra in years." music: dj nukem vs dj chab, mantis, terra 9, greed feat, lesley, resin dogs, matiball and hardknox surfers names: taj, parko, cambo, egan, fanning, lowey, koby, slater, patto, oska, jamie o'brien, occy, hoyo, machado, garcia, hobgood bros, pattachia and deano

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