Poetic Silence + Blue Crush

Format: DVD
Region: Free (All)

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1 DVD = 2 films
+ Bluel Crush (bonus)

Poetic Silence Shot on location in the Mentawai Islands.

Join us on two separate boat journey's for over thirty days in the beautiful setting of the Mentawai Islands. Shot entirely on 16mm film. This movie will leave you packing your bags and making reservations...

Starring: Rochelle Ballard, Serena Brooke, Megan Abubo, Kate Skarrett, Holly Beck, Sam Cornish, Julie Morris, Dara Penfold, Kim Woolridge, and Holly Monkman.

Blue Crush The one video all girl surfers should own. The ground-breaking, all-girl surf video from the makers of Triple C, Side B and The Moment.

Surfing Girl magazine says: "This is the benchmark for women's surf vids from now on. " Wahine magazine says: "Blue Crush chronicles an explosive time in women's surfing."

A must have for any woman surfer or any woman who even remotely enjoys the ocean. Blue Crush is a historical landmark in surf films. Being the first all women's high performance surf film, Blue Crush takes you on a journey with today's best women surfers around the globe.


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Produto: Poetic Silence + Blue Crush
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