Second Thoughts

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"Video of the Year" Second Thoughts is now released in a Special Edition, including Bonus Features "Tsunami: A Relief Documentary Short" and SVM's "The Ombak: Video on Video".
Timmy Turner and his crew take the typical Indo risk/reward calculus and multiply it exponentially.
For the uninitiated, here's the gist of what they do: They take a bemo from Jakarta—one of the most dangerous cities in the world — to a rickety Indo ferry.
Then they pay a local fisherman to transport them to an uninhabited island and drop them off with supplies so meager that they fit on the tops of their surfboards.
Next they paddle the stuff into shore where they ruin half of their provisions in the shorebreak.
After that they set up camp near one of the most dangerous reefs in the world.
They stay there completely alone and put their lives on the line every day in nonstop dredging barrels for a month at a time.
Their struggle just to provide themselves with food, shelter and water and somehow avoid serious infection or injury—so far away from any assistance—makes this film the first to depict what "going feral" truly entails.

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