Shark Park

Format: DVD / Region: Free (All)
Time: 45 min.

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Watch an international team of towsurfers ride a virgin wave at a remote offshore reef during the 2005/2006 giant winter swells with this surfing dvd. Greg Huglin is a man possessed; a Californian who has traveled the world in search of surf, returning home only to continue the hunt in his own backyard. Filmmaker, avant guard photographer and ocean expert are just some of the cards in his deck. And he plays those cards very close to his chest.

For the last 10 years, Greg has been playing a very private game of wave riding poker that was finally dealt out in a very high stakes location.

Starring: Bennett Williams - Carlos Burle - Chris Brown - Chris Malloy- Chuck Patterson - Dan Malloy- Don Curry - Eric Akiskalian - Euraldo "Pato" Teixeira - Garrett McNamara - Jamie Sterling - Jed Tucker - Kealii Mamala - Mark

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Produto: Shark Park
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