Sipping Jetstreams

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Castles in the Sky + Sipping Jetstreams combo
The Castles in the Sky surfing video DVD is a completely new approach to surf filmmaking.
Filmed in five countries over three years, the movie delves into the true heart of the locations while the surfers travel through them with a sense of open-minded awe.
With never-before seen waves, an original score, and some of the best surfers in the world contributing their art, passion and athleticism, this is as close to the experience of pioneering new coastlines as you can get without getting on a plane!
"We created Sipping Jetstreams to inspire surfers to break away from the pattern of traveling to the same well-known destinations, but as a result, we ended up inspiring ourselves to do the same.
Before that film was even done, we were already planning this next evolution of the project with a whole new list of destinations.
If Sipping Jetstreams was like an ambient dream you have after travel, Castles in the Sky is more like the experience of actually being there." - Taylor Steele.
Journey uncharted routes from Egypt to Greece, Italy to the Caribbean, Cuba to Japan in this surfing video dvd all the while capturing the happenings and personalities of today's most sought after athletes in a never before seen platform.
Unlike past surfing videos by Taylor Steele, one of surfing's premiere surfing video producers, Sipping Jetstreams is anything but the norm.
With a sense of natural whit and an eye for beauty, this romantic surf novel unfolds throughout the worlds most untouched destinations with today's best surfers, period.
Sipping Jetstreams will be one of the best surf video dvd films of the decade.
Surfers Include: Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Dane Reynolds, Bruce Irons, Rizal Tangjung, Benji Weatherly, Shane Dorian and many, many more.

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Informação Adicional
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Duração 95 min
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Produto: Sipping Jetstreams
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