The Sixth Element

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The story of Ross Clarke-Jones is at once compelling.

His manhandling of the biggest and craziest waves in the world is the same approach he applies to his life. Full tilt, bared teeth, and a hunger that cannot be sated. He's an adventurer whose intrepid exploring is breaking new barriers, whether that's in the remote corners of Tasmania or the lush corridors of the Amazon.

This film will take you as close to his life as you would want. It's captivating, dramatic, funny, and inspirational. This story needs to be seen to be believed! It will take you on an incredible journey through a radical life, all set against some of the biggest waves ever surfed.

Starring: Kelly Slater, Jamie Brisick, Matt Hoy, Noah Johnson, Doug Silva, Gary 'Kong' Elkerton, Jeff Bushman, Wayne Bartholomew, Bill Cilia, Mark Occhilupo, Tom Carroll, Derrick Doener, Eddie Rothman, Peter 'Joli' Wilson, Brock Little, Maurice Cole, Tony Ray and more....


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Produto: The Sixth Element
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