Under The Radar

Format: DVD / Region: Free (All)
Time: 58 min.

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This unique take on the life of the traveling surfer combines high-performance surfing by some of the worlds best surfers with stunning cinematography.
More than just an action-packed surf movie, Under the Radar digs deep into what accompanies the countless barrels by revealing the cultures, colors and customs behind the great waves.
Far away from the flags, horns and colored jerseys of competitive surfing lies a crew of surfers whose sole motivation is discovery.
The pursuit of scoring perfect waves in places most people only dream of is what guys like Mikala Jones, Jamie O'Brien, and Josh Mulcoy live for.
Journey with them as they stumble upon Moroccan point break perfection. Then hop aboard a Mentawai charter boat alongside Rizal Tanjung and Bali's hottest locals as they are blessed with more than idyllic conditions.
After scouring South Africa's coast of limitless potential, it becomes clear that traveling is as much a part of being a surfer as the act of waveriding itself.
Snake charmers, Kuta motorbike madness and the diversity of landscapes and cultures are simply experiences that go along with the hunt for surf throughout the planet's farthest reaches.
For these surfers, the act of getting there is often as rewarding as the waves they score.
They are enrolled in the school of life. Their home is on the road.
These modern day Magellans circle the globe & UNDER THE RADAR. Welcome to their world.

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Informação Adicional
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Produto: Under The Radar
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